Personalised Know How

1) Choose Layout

Firstly choose your favourite Fotbee. Personalised Fotbees are available in at least 3 layouts. (Insta Tubes will be available with various layouts soon) They vary on quantity of images you can use, proportions and the orientation. Please note that we ALWAYS check the quality of your images before we make lamp for you.

2) Upload Images

Click the “Choose your photos” button and upload your photos. 
You can do it easily using your smartphone, tablet or good old fashion computer. Select the source and choose images. Follow instructions on the screen.

Click "Show files" to review selected images. Our System will automatically check the size, ratio and quality of your images. You will receive notification in case we need better quality images. Click "Add"

3) Place your order and make the payment

Click "Add to Cart" to complete your order and make the payment. Please note that our system complies with the Data Protection act and our platform using encrypted security protocol for your safety.

If you have any suggestions regarding your project, please use the comment section at checkout to let us know your idea.

4) Designing & Approval

Your images are safe with us and all individual projects are supervised by our Fotbee Studio Team.Our designers will make sure that your images are compatible with your chosen layout, quality. We will make necessary improvements to prepare your lamp for printing and post production. 

Ready visual of your lamp design we will forward to your email for your final approval.

Do you like the visual we have sent to you? If yes, please reply to us so we can make your lamp and dispatch the parcel promptly. Please note that we are happy to make changes to meet your needs and make you happy. We can reposition or replace your images, change the layout or change the colours.

5) Production & Delivery

As soon as we know that you are happy with your design we will make your lamp on the day and prepare the parcel for delivery to the address you have provided.

If you have any additional questions, 
you need our support write to

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