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Fotbee is a collection of table and floor lamps designed and manufactured in the UK.

Our lamps help to bring unique feel to your space. 
Images of All types look amazing when the light is shining through them. Let Fotbee inspire you and make your space living room, bedroom or office more cosy and special.


The Brand Statement

Fotbee makes printed lamps to open minded customers in a creative way and making friends only. Fotbee helps them feel inspirated and to live in trendy interior.


The Founders


Photographer and lighting designer, creator of Time Art Gallery.
Active Traveler looking for perfect balance between our civilisation and nature. Fan of Timeless Solutions in Design always on the lookout for new inspirations.


Brand strategist & graphic designer. His oldest creations - brands are 20 years old! Now, the Fotbee is his passion. His attitude is always positive, open minded. Always ready for new inspirations.
Master of Concentration!

Fotbee Founders

Let us know if you've loved Fotbee or have any comments or questions!
May the Fotbee Light be with you!